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Sharapanjara-ಶರಪಂಜರ|Kannada Full HD Movie| FEAT : Gangadhar,Kalpana, Chindodi Leela

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Watch Gangadhar playing a lead role from the film Sharapanjara. Also staring Leelavathi, K.S.Ashwathand, Kalpana and Others.

Music: Vijaya Bhaskar
Release: 1971

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  1. One of the best performances by Kalpana
    . Will be unjust to compare her with anybody.
    Melodious songs are an icing on the cake .
    A movie that leaves an impression for ever ..
    Thank you is all I can say

  2. eshtu mohaka  geetegalu ide ee chitradalli ! vijayabhaskarrava sangeeta mattu kannadada hole yanthe pravahisuva gana kaveriyagi odide ee ganasudha! GANASARASWATIyadaSUSHEELA AMMANAVARA gandhrava gana ede tumbide! avara 6 katte sruthi mattu aa mohaka alapane aa sobagagi maatugala ucchariso teeru ateeva sundara! avarige samavagi yaru illa  antha nirupisadaru

  3. Haleya movie nodalu tumba kushi aguthe…..old is gold

  4. thanks for uploading this movie here n appreciated it

  5. Thanks a ton for dis upload. Was eagerly waiting 4m many years. Puttana kanagal's masterpiece.

  6. Gangadhar was kind of handsome! Somehow he never made it big as a star!

  7. One of the best kannada movies of all times.  great acting by Ashwath  and kalpana.  To top it all some of the best music.
    thanks a lot for the movie.

  8. waiting for this movie for so long. movie depicts how our surrounding bad people cause us go mad. so, be surround with good people. you are always an average of your surrounding people..

  9. I was waiting for this movie for so long.. thank you +SRS Media Vision for uploading..

  10. Such a nice movie… When the whole world is falling apart from her, the greatest strength is the audience support through out the movie …The current generation directors must learn how a film is made.. you only see the Music directors and lyricist creating nothing but repeating same word  'Preethi'  'Preethi' 1000 times in a single song. and the actors jumping left and right across the screen senselessly!!!!…

  11. masterpiece of kannada industry….

  12. Good movie. But suggest you not to watch this movie more than once. Because this movie portrays about a woman who is psychologically affected.Fabulous acting by Kalpana.Infact She only played a main role in this movie.
    ..The film got hit becoz of her role.Not Gangadhar.

  13. Wonderfull movie..the ppl around us are mads..

  14. very artificial acting by kalpana and chindodi leela

  15. Triveni's most popluar / famous Novel,   Puttana Kanagal's  choice for Kaveri's role was kalpana –  made the film superhit in those time .  Other than  kalpana no one can give justice to kaveri's role in this film.  Her acting is super heart touching. (Kalpana is great actress in her times – In every film she justified her role. Thanks a lot for uploading.

  16. Actress Kalpana is more beautiful than hindi heroins. Her expression are really good.

  17. post-traumatic (childbirth) stress disorder- so sad these disease and its symptoms unknown due to which our older generation mom-grandmom, aunts suffered

  18. long back in my childhood,I watched telugu remake of sarapanjara,a masterpiece movie of Kannada film industry. Both the stalwarts Puttanna and Kalpana cherish in our memories even today,though I m a teluguite.

  19. what a movie.. wow..not at all boring…

  20. superb movie, fantastic acting kalpana…

  21. fantastic Kannada movie… loved kalpana acting a lot. She is awesome……..Happy to know It was deserved for national award. Thanks for the direction too.

  22. Kalpana has eaten others actors, Deserves to be Minagu thaarae

  23. what an action by the artist kalpana…. simply superb and exccellent. in telugu too vanisri played it brilliantly and the ending in telugu is awesome….

  24. kalpana acting puttanna direction super

  25. 2hrs 50 mins part is enough i have seen whole mve and saw like kid watching smomething for the first time..

  26. what a actress no word to explain her acting

  27. Missing you puttanna the unusual climax with geddavalu matra kaveri yagiralilla left me with fear and depression and made me think over and over who is the real villian great film

  28. There is no female actress similar to KALPANA madam………
    superb acting by kalpana madam……,one of her best acting ..

  29. kalpana mam acting was behind the surprise

  30. Mindblowing what an a acting kalpana mam.

  31. chanceless..thr is no1 lyk kalpana.she is realy shining star.ultimate performance.puttanna s wonderful direction.nyce superb

  32. Kalpana's acting is fantastic,
    mainly in the second part the way she wants to convince the world that she is not mad anymore ,made me cry….

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