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Ugramm- ಉಗ್ರಂ | Kannada Full Movies HD | Rathavara Srimurali | Haripriya | Ugram Full Movie

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Release: 2014
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The infusion of fresh talent in Sandalwood continues and the latest is Prashanth Neel. The techie-turned-film-maker has not only created a platform for himself, but also given a new lease of stardom to his brother-in-law Srimurali. Ugramm is unlike the usual action movies we get to see in Sandalwood. The film is more like Quentin Tarantino making a film on Karnataka’s rowdy (suitably named gangsters) elements. The film is loud, brash, bloody and confident as a matter of choice. Though the three-figure deaths and violence are overpowering, the film has to be lauded for the director’s faith and conviction in his work. The film is technically brilliant, but what it lacks is a style to the excessive energy that is drummed up. The film could well be a tribute to Pulp Fiction. True to character, it starts with a graphic novel depicting the background story in brief. The film, too, tries to look like a graphic novel. This is spectacularly done by popular cinematographer Ravi Varman, who makes his debut in Kannada. What follows is an orgy of killing, juxtaposed scenes and a narrative that is always on an overdrive. It creates a pacy thriller, but the violence is not for everyone. Another killer is the background score. It boxes out the mood instead of hyping it up in many places. It is just too loud. Haripriya arrives in India only to be abducted by gangsters. Her father’s past catches up with her. But there is a saviour like none other. Enter Agastya, a mechanic who fights like he is a mix of Rambo and Rocky. While the locals become pulp, imported gangsters just run away, on seeing him. So you know there is a past. The past is the story of about a child (Agastya) who loses his father to crime but rather than take revenge he would let bygones be bygones. The thrill of the film is a fictitious district that is lorded over by a series of gangsters. When the moment comes, Agastya takes to the crime world, but it is not for revenge, but to establish his friend (Thilak as Bala) as the biggest gangster.
There are sub-plots as well. But the mistake here is not fleshing them out enough. The father-son relationship of Avinash and Atul Kulkarni would have made a wonderful story. It is too short and said in flashes to make the impact. The same happens with the gangsters of ‘Mughor’, the fictitious place. They are cardboard caricatures, instead of characters. They are all dipped in the same canvas. Despite the drawbacks, Ugramm is a new direction for action films in Kannada and should be lapped up by those who love action genre.
SRIMURULI has acted in movies like Chandra Chakori, Kanti, Yeshwanth, Minchina Ota, Rathaavara.
HARIPRIYA has acted in movies like Kiladi Kitty, Ranna, Bullet Basya, Ricky, Neer Dose, Ricky to name few
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  1. Never get bore by watching this movie…I have watched more than 15 times bt still love to watch again n again.. Now a days Kannada movies are growing very well. We as kannadigas should appreciate n support our movies by watching these instead of watching other language movies.

  2. super movie yestu sala nodidru matte nodbeku ansutte tumba sala nodidini super hit movie

  3. kya aap ko Hindi ma dhikhana ma koi problem hoti h kya..fhir bakar h aap ka chanal ko subscribe karna jiska koi fida hi nhi jab aap log Hindi ma dhikhaya hi nhi sakta ho to…..

  4. pls movies in Hindi dubbed pls pls pls…………………….

  5. Amazing superb lovely khataranak movie… I loved it

  6. wow amazing movie, i just like Sri muruli dialogues and we are proude to be kannadigas for like these films

  7. that same director directing kgf movie we waiting

  8. One of best movie in Kannada industry……..

  9. super. move. in. Kannada.indestree

  10. Very hats of to creator Prashant Neel. You are the kannada manirathnam

  11. naananthu adest time nodiddino gothilla guru. adru eeglu nodbeku annisuthe

  12. 👌👌👌 Ever green movie in KFI…..

  13. Seeing all positive comments here ..watched this movie could not bear for more than 15 mins…useless …same old typical violence ,nothing else

  14. plz we want ugraam 2
    i have watched more than 50 times nver get bored i loved lot best gangstar move forever

  15. Oh my God awesome movie I love so much I want to see and again and again and this is 2 hours 12 minutes in seconds oh my God super❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. awesome movie😬😬😬😬😬ugram veeram maha vishnum jaladvakam sarva gorakam narashimam bishanam badram mruthum nananmi

  17. Superrrrrrrrr movie,,,,,,……… ,… 46.30 like u so much

  18. Best movie in kfi murali is a bright actor

  19. Some north indian..Odiya film industry copied our Kannada movie UGRAM and they talking lik they r own made film that…in Ugram..sir murali role name called.. AGASTHYA…in odiya language film name called AGASTHYA but in remake odiya poor acting and they copied every singal acts n including our music and background music everything is same but poor poor acting in that language dat copy cats

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