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Top 10 Korean dramas 2012

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Happy new year !!
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Song: DBSK – Balloons
This is a top of dramas which was aired in 2012 so it does not contain dramas of 2013 or earlier that 2012!!

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  1. i started watching it but i didn't like the revenge stuff so i stopped watching it…i don't like people who can't give up or want revenge ,we need to know where to stop ,even though i really liked the main boy 🙂

  2. what is the title of the song i know that DH2 songs right ?

  3. It's in the description 🙂 DBSK – Balloons

  4. I Love no.3♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  5. Yes, because this is a top of dramas FROM 2012 and Dream High was aired IN 2011 ,and even so i always thought dream high 2 was better that dream high 🙂

  6. ill go with number 3 love rain 🙂

  7. PANDA AND THE HEDGEHOG!!!!!!!!!! xD

  8. For me ,
    #1 love rain
    and for
    #2 Queen In Hyun's Man 😀

  9. I didn't like it…so it isn't in the top

  10. i got a pretty good taste. i watched most of those.
    i recommend lie to me and me too flower. i hear ur voice and may queen r great too

  11. I loved "To The Beautiful You" with sulli and minho. c:

  12. I know, it was really hard for me to make the top 3…you have to watch them, they are really good ! 🙂

  13. But I think Dream High 2 really sucks ! Dream High 1 is better

  14. Has anyone not noticed that there's DONGHAE from super junior at the end!?! DOES ANYONE EVEN CARE!?!

  15. where is Ghost/Phantom? it was a great drama of 2012

  16. Love Donghae forever :)😍

  17. Love it!!!!
    Feel free to watch my fav kdramas 😀

  18. wala po ba yong may kasal sa huli yong happy eninDg plzx

  19. The song is so alt. Maybe I am alt Person. LOL

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