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Akasathinte Niram | Malayalam Full Movie | Indrajith, Amala Paul

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Akasathinte Niram is a 2012 Malayalam film Starring Indrajith and Amala Paul, written and directed by Dr. Biju.

A 60-year-old man lives on a pristine, isolated island. He visits the nearby harbour in a motor boat once a month to sell handicrafts. A young burglar keeps tabs on him and one day jumps onto the motor boat and demands money. The old man remains calm and takes the motor boat towards his island where the young man remains trapped. He meets the people who live with the old man, a 7-year-old boy, a 20-year-old deaf and mute lady and a middle-aged man with a stammer. The intruder confronts rare life situations for the first time. His concept about life changes as he understands how nature blends with life. The film is the ‘colour’ of life, of the wind, of the sea and nature.


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  1. Really touching story n' great direction…
    Nice effort Dr. Biju…

  2. movie is good,,
    the last part of the movie from 1.40 hours is not playing

  3. very nice script and good direction…Dr.Biju sir…. 

  4. from last ..1.40 h is almost dead..pinnenganeya asane ..nalloru padathe manassilakkunne?

  5. Panna poli padam… veruse urakkam kalanju fucked up movie .. shit

  6. Good attempt…nice movie…talking silenced characters

  7. Good movie,have a good message.

  8. Good movie,good direction,good photography. thanks

  9. Suuuuppppeeerrrrr film…………..GOOooOOOD Direction/& Super screenplay 
    Director – Dr.Biju

    1;40 il ee film stop akunnu…..But don't worry…'Nashad valappil' nalkiya linkil kayariyal baki kanam (y)

  10. nice movie…thanks nashad valappil for the link

  11. Cinecurry Malayalam  the movie is getting stuck @ 1.40hrs 

  12. Kidu padam .. polichu padam theeralle ennu thonni

  13. uploaders error on 1.40 hours. rest watch in daily motion links. but good movie

  14. i saw the whole movie it was splendid thank you dr biju for a good thought provoking movie

  15. beautiful.realy silence speaking…..

  16. climax illallo?, onnu add cheyyu climax please

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