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“Akashadoothu” | Full Malayalam Movie | Madhavi, Murali, Nedumudi Venu

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“Aakasadoothu” | Full Malayalam Movie | Madhavi, Murali, Nedumudi Venu

The Story revolves around Johnny and Annie, both of whom are orphans who grew up together, got married, and have four children. The eldest of all four is a girl named Meenu and the youngest is Monu.In-between them are two boys,one is handicapped.Both of these boys are very close to each other.Johnny was a jeep driver and Annie was a violin teacher. They lead a happy life together. After the unexpected death of Johnny,Annie is affected by the leukaemia disease.She is very worried about the future of her children. She never wanted her kids to move to an orphanage and be brought up in circumstances which she had been in.She decides to give her children up for adoption. She lies to her kids that the salary she gets out of her classes is not sufficient for all of them and therefore she is going to Germany very soon,so they have to go to new houses and there will be a new Mummy and daddy to love and take care of them.By now Meenu has come to know about her Mother’s condition and asks her about it.Annie is totally broken down.Both of them keeps this a secret between them.Annie,with the help of the priest of their regional church – father vattappara makes arrangements for the adoption of the kids.Monu is adopted by a leading Doctor.Annie wishes that both her boys Rony and Tony live together forever and hence expects a couple to adopt both of them.But they find it difficult to get people ready to accept the disabled boy.Finally Annie decides to give the other boy alone to a businessman and his wife.Meenu decides not to go to a new house and be with her Mum,but Annie and Father Vattappara convince her for the same. She is taken by an rich old man and his wife to their home. Now left is the handicap boy. Annie and father Vattappara is trying hard to find someone to take care of him. Mean time Annie’s doctor give her a hint that days are counted for her. She wishes to celebrate Christmas at her home with her kids and makes arrangements for the it. She writes a letter to Meenu asking her to always keep in touch with her brothers so that the bonds remain for ever. On the day before Christmas Annie has a dream that her kids have come to see her, When she happily opens the door, She understands that it was a mere dream. She starts bleeding from her nose and understand that there isn’t much time left for her, she goes to Jesus begging for at least a day so that she can see her kids once again before she closes her eyes for ever. But her prayers are unanswered. She soon meets death. Her Son finds her dead that night. All her kids participate in her funeral and are parting ways. Later it is shown that the handicap boy is also taken along by the business man who took Tony, the eldest boy.


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  1. My favorite movie its made me cry! I know guys don't cry but if u do watch this movie u will

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