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Lal Salam | Full Malayalam Movie

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The plot revolves around the early days of the Communist Party in Kerala. Three Comrades, Nettoor Stephen (Mohanlal), T.K. Antony (Murali) and Sethulakshmi (Geetha) work tirelessly to empower the daily wage laborers and other proletarians of their village, to end the reign of feudal landlords, in the days when Communism was illegal to practice. Sethu and Antony are in love with each other, as are Nettooran and Annamma (Annakkutty), the daughter of Medayil Ittichan, the landlord whose press Nettooran runs, as his day job.

During a farmers’ uprising, a landlord is killed and the blame is assigned on the three leaders of the party. The three go into hiding, while various atrocities are committed by the State Police under the pretense of trying to find them. Sethulakshmi is arrested. Grieved by these events, Nettooran and T.K. surrender. The three are convicted and sent to jail.

Upon their release, Sethu, T.K. and Nettooran are welcomed as heroes by the Party cadre. During their imprisonment, the Party has grown popular and has become a substantial political power. With the election for the State Legislative Assembly looming, Sethu and T.K are unanimously chosen as Party candidates, supported by Nettooran and other Party members. The party wins the State elections through a landslide victory and Sethu is chosen Home minister and T.K. finance minister.

Meanwhile, a pregnant Annamma is hospitalized with a pregnancy related complication. Nettooran, having devoted his time and energy for the party, is unable to purchase medication for Annamma. A desperate Nettooran goes to Father Felix, a central figure in the community. Father Felix lends him Rs. 50 and Nettooran pays for Annamma’s medication. Shaken by the realization that he is financially incapable of leading his family, Nettooran goes to his friend Unnithan for advice. Unni advises him to set up a business. Fazed by the conflict of his principle ideology, and his living situation, Nettooran goes to Potty, who advises him to take a sabbatical from the party for a few years, in order to set up his business.


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