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Meranam Joker (2000) is a Malayalam comedy movie. Directed by Nissar. Starring Nadirsha, Rajan P Dev, Salim Kumar, Ponnamma Babu & others. Movie is a blend of comedy and romance. But the flavour of comedy is on the top The needs of those modernized things make people more greed than ever.

When there’s too much greed, people suffer. On personal level, it makes people devious, petty, unlovable and very jealous. What most people want is money, lots of money, tons of money, along with the tons of things that it buys, along with the prestige that comes with having tons of money, along with the mass attention that comes along with it.

As people need more money, it is not enough that they work hard at a full-time job. If they come up with a bunch of money games, and if they become very good at them, then they believe that they should be entitled to out earn their neighbors suddenly by double their amount, or triple or ten times, etc.

There will be much lying, cheating, backstabbing and suffering as there needs to be until they obtain their needs. Famous people might possibly need a bigger, more secure house, as well as special transportation when the ordinary people are trying to fill their live with basic needs. Sometime, the wealth and complete life of famous people can drive crazy on the normal, ordinary citizens.Such greed always stretches to the humiliation of life.

Even if the movie is a comedy one, it also shows the pathetic life of people who are greedy in nature. Movie is based on the whereabouts of four typical bachilors. Pradeep, Sunny, Anil & Tomi. Pradeep and Sunny didn’t have a serious approach to life.

They well qualified jobless fellows, who are interested in the so called time pass activities. Ittoop is the father of Sunny. Who is a corrupted police constable. Varijakshan pilla is Pradeep’s father. Both are very concerned about their sons. At last they have started a automobile workshop with the partnership of the four. It started the funny moments in the movie.

Pradeep and Sunny take the cars of the customers and go for hangout with girl friends. Usually it invited the disputed in. Anitha, the charming daughter of the work shop owner came for vacation. Anil and Anitha became so called fast friends. One night the four gone for a night drive passing by a Bar and accidently took the wrong car in return. In it’s trunk they found a girl, Sreedevi. Since they were good in heart they took good care of her. Sunny felt a crush on her as usual. She unfolds her story. She was a parentless girl and a wealthy girl. Her Uncle and his son Rajashekharan were greedy.

They always look forwarded to snatch her belongings. For that he arranged the marriage of her with his son. She tactically escaped from them at that night and get into a car. She disguised as a Punjabi, Sunny & Sridevi took a hotel room for the night. But since he was good in heart he behaved so clear.

But the room boy caught them. Fortunately they escaped from there. With the help of Nancy, Sunny arranged her stay in a hostel. Krishnanunni who is the niece of Sridevi came from Mumbai. She was a sister to her. Movie strteches to climax. Sridevi’s uncle kidnapped Anil & Tomi and asked for Sridevi. So what may happen next? Will Sunny and others can save her, Will the culprits get the punishment of law.Watch the malayalam comedy full movie “Meranam Joker”

Directed by – Nissar
Starring – Nadirsha, Rajan P Dev, Salim Kumar, Ponnamma Babu & others.

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