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Malayalam Full Movie Annakutty Kodambakkam Vilikkunnu || malayalam comedy movies full (HD)

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Annakkutty Kodambakkam Vilikkunnu (1989) is a Malayalam full length comedy movie. Starring Suresh Gopi, Sai Kumar, Innocent, Mala Aravindan, Sreeja Chandran, Meena, Krishnankuty Nair and others. Directed by Jagathy Sreekumar. Kodambakkam was one of the peak places of south Indian Cinema in the 80’s. Movie is a half crime thriller but has no projection. Story is about a pimp who is in service of the Producers of the south, he travels from villages to Villages and grabs girls with the mirash of Cinema. He traps such girls and takes to the Producer’s beds. It’s such weired thing. May be this is in the 80’s but more strong in these days too.

The back light of a Actress’s glamour arouses the eager of some Girls and they gets ready to do any thing as the Producer’s wish. But most of their lives end in Brothals. Which is too pathetic. But still the flow goes on uninterrupted. In this movie Annakkutty is the girl we are talking about,she is a Moahanlal fan in the movie. She is very ambitious about movies and movie acting. Which turns into a nightmare in her life.Her brother Chandikkunju is a graduate and unemployed. His friend Babu is a Police inspector. Babu’s and Annakkutty’s marriaghe is fixed.fixed.

Mathayi is their father , he is peon in PWD. He is much concerned and worried about his children. Xavior is the father in church. Koya is the local lottery agent. Manavendran is the crucket fraud we are talking about. Movie starts with the Mathayi’s dissapointed talk in church to Jesus. Followed by the sequences which glorifies the reasons behind it. In the first part of the movie, we may see dissppointments of an unemployed bachelor. Together with the luxurious life of Business people in the locality, who own the schools, stationary shops, Hospitals ect. Chandikunju tries his best to have a job. He approaches every one but he could find any. Other asking bribery too.

Mean while Manavendran comes to the scene. His identity is already revealed in the commencement of the review.He meets Chandikunju. Chandikunju mis understands him, he things he is a very rich cinema producer. So he joins with him and takes a rented house for him in his care off. But his intention was only to woman. On the other hand the rented house had it’s own mystery. The house was owned by a Gulf Man named Kunjunni. Himself and wife got murdered in night. The murders are still out of handcuffs. At the same time, there stretches a rumour that,Manavendran is a CBI Officer, which he wasn’t. So the so called Business people much worried about him. And tactically gives money to Chandikkunju. Meanwhile Babu & Annakkutty breaks up.

Manavendran promised her to take to Cinema. But Babu was not ready for it. Which ended up in the break. What a pity love affair isnt it?.One night Chandikunju saw two thieves who tries to take some thing from the well behind. He goes on a fight and handed over to police. One of them were the Lottery agent Koya. And the other was a relative of Kunjunni. They came to take gold, which was hidden tin the well. Also the mystery behind the Murder also unfolded. Movies reaches to mystery, Anakkutty gets missing. Together with Manavendran. The pressure goes up. So what may be her destiny? Is as usual? any twists awaiting ?. see the full movie. Brought to you by hot N Sour entertainment Company.

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