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Malayalam full movie Korattipattanam Railwaygate | Malayalam Action thriller movie || Full movie HD

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This is a Malayalam Full Movie Koratty Pattanam Railway Gate (2011). Starring Shammi Thilakan ,Seema G Nair ,Nataraj ,Premnath ,Kalasala Babu ,Kochu Preman ,Ajay ,Zeenath & others.

Movie Synopsis
Koratty Pattanam Railway Gate (2011) Malayalam full movie is an Action – Crime Drama. Directed by Hafiz Ismail. Starring Shammi Thilakan ,Seema G Nair ,Nataraj ,Premnath ,Kalasala Babu ,Kochu Preman ,Ajay ,Zeenath & others. It’s story line has a bit resemblence with Dulqar Salamn’s ‘Second Show’. So like said, this movie says about the Inter clash between two local Gangster groups in Cochi. Before we step into the movie, lets recollect how a gangster is born. In most cases Gangsters are born from their teanages. Teenagers who have a good environment such as the conducive environment in their home will be able to keep a distance with this social problem, while teenagers who have bad environment will involved themselves in gangsterism easily because only this way, they will feel more released. Broken family background always creates a bad environment right? So, it is parents’ responsibilities to prevent their marriage problem become one of the main reasons why their children involved themselves in gangsterism. Furthermore, the fourth reason why teenagers involved themselves in gangsterism is because mass media’s influences. Of course in the television, there are so many advertisements, films or dramas, even cartoons always publish for everyone. The violent action in those things will influence the teenagers to follow whatever action played by the author. Last but not least, the reason of gangsterism cases among teenagers might be also because there are no specific rules and strict enforcement from the authorities.Since they lack of education they grow up in to inhuman beasts. The only driving force will be money. Yes, for money they are ready for anything. They never care why,who or what. Political parties are the main god fathers of Gangster groups. In many places there are more than one gangster groups the interclashes for dominancy leads to brutal crimes.
This Gangsterism is the central theme of this movie. Sebatti ,Eetta & Pippiri are brothers. Their uncle was a cinema theater owner, who was killed brutally by a gangster group for a silly reason. Their father was a black hearted devil, in teanages he used them to deal the Khanja. But unfortunately one day there were caught by police. And sent to juwanail home. Thus they lost their schools and eventually their minds are tuned with criminal frquencies. And they became of of the Gangster groups. Ittiti, Sreershanth and Sudheer where the other folks. Sudheer used to carry a pot , in which he hidden Khanja. Eetta was married to Rosi. And a child too. But still he was not ready to give up. On the other half Basheer, Kokkan & others were a strong and dominating Gangsters. They used to tickle Sebatti and team. Since Basheer was a real beast, no one was dared to go for him. Anna who was Sebatty’s neighbor had a crush toward him from her child hood. She is now in a super market as sales girl. This is the starting line of movie. When all things going good their starts the unwanted disputed between Basheer and Sebatti. Sajan who was the so called quotation broker give them a quotation regarding a real estate deal. The other team was Basheer’s group. From this the two gangs started for an open fight. The new police officer in charge Steephan takes Basheer into custody. In that mean time Pippiri and others gets into a clash with Kokkan. When Basheer came back he rushed to Sebatti. When he threatened them with his sword in that 4 year old baby, every one loss control. Sebatti stabbed him to death. Police arrested all. With the influence of Sajan, every one got bail. Now the movie touches a bit romantic mood, Anna tells her love to Sebatti. And both families agrees for it. Sebaatti announced his retirement from the so called Gangster job.By stretching to climax, the questions fetch out are, will he get a good life? Will all the sorrows of his mother end forever? But the destiny was not as they wished. What may be that?

Directed by – Hafiz Ismail
Produced by – A Marikar
Writer – Nelson Thomas
Starring – Shammi Thilakan ,Seema G Nair ,Nataraj ,Premnath ,Kalasala Babu ,Kochu Preman ,Ajay ,Zeenath & others.

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