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Malayalam Full movie Mahanagaram | action movie | Mammootty movie | Malayalam Movie

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Mahaanagaram (1992) is a Malayalam action movie. Directed by TK Rajeev Kumar. Starring Mammootty ,Murali ,Thilakan ,Ashokan ,Kuthiravattam Pappu ,MG Soman ,Jagannatha Varma ,KPAC Sunny ,Johny ,TP Madhavan ,Ganesh Kumar ,PC George ,Bheeman Raghu ,Prathapachandran, Neetha Puri ,Shanthikrishna ,Meena ,Zeenath ,Kaviyoor Ponnamma and others.

“Mahaanagaram” means the big city. Like the title says the movie says about a series of crimes which happened in a kerala city. But more than telling a story, the movie conveys a strong message. How a good and fruitful patriotic turns into a criminal and smuggler? The answer for this question is this movie.

criminals are not born but made because of certain conditions in their lives. Committing crime is definitely not something one is born with, but gradually over time it takes place because of certain situations or circumstances that life throws at a person. Things like child abuse, unemployment, and the environment in which one grows up, makes as a low life.

Children who have been abused are more likely to grow up to be criminals because they grow up with a large amount of hate that they do not know how to deal with. One way to cope with the way they feel is to be violent towards everybody else.But in some cases, even if the child is grown up to a good being, the disasters in his life, the accused crime in his shoulders, the attitude of society etc can change an adult to a criminal or smuggler. That’s this movie about.

Movie commences with a smuggling sequence.In which Chanthakkad Viswan tactically grabs the goods from customs and takes it to his clients. When he refuses their offer to join them as a partner the dispute starts. When he was driving back to his home town in Calicut, he was attacked by a bunch of criminals but he was saved by Chandrdas IPS who was on his to Calicut to take charge as the Asst.

Police Commnissioner.He took Viswan to hospital. And he introduced himself, which was quite a surprise for him.But Viswan framed himself as a farmer. Later he skipped from the hospital and met again with Chandradas and family with his broken wheels. They gone with him and took a visit ti Viswan’s huest house in a beach. Ummaru kutti who was his so called manager drive them to their premises. Later they came to know that he was the son in law of Writer, a notorious land lord.

The story slowly starts and goes in pace. In the next part, Chandradas realizes the hidden face of Viswam. Viswam informs Chandrdas about a smuggling deal, and Chandrdas takes them down. He get fame in no time. But the smuggling team was belonged to Writer. Before the questining the program starts Writer’s hingemen finishes the prisoner. Chandradas was forced to obey him, in order to wash of the dirt. Viswan caught the murderer but Chandradas was igonore about the whole story.

Viswam meets his ex- affair, Radhika. She is now the Asst Collector. Movie goesthrough some twists and tweaks at this moment. Meanwhile Chandradas’s children gets kidnapped. And movie slowly reaches the climax. So who kidnapped them? Will the Writer and his hinge men get the string of law? Watch full movie “Mahanagaram”.

Directed by – TK Rajeev Kumar
Produced by – M. Mani
Writer – Muttathu Varkey
Starring – Mammootty ,Murali ,Thilakan ,Ashokan ,Kuthiravattam Pappu ,MG Soman ,Jagannatha Varma ,KPAC Sunny ,Johny ,TP Madhavan ,Ganesh Kumar ,PC George ,Bheeman Raghu ,Prathapachandran, Neetha Puri ,Shanthikrishna ,Meena ,Zeenath ,Kaviyoor Ponnamma and others.

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  4. mammooka yu r sooperb acter idhu konddokeyanu enne poleyullavar orupadu nalla kadhayum kadhapathranghaleyum oruki kaathirikunnadhu anghayudea mahabinayathil viswasam arpichu 0965 98802305

  5. mamookka is ussaarki mundiri the great

  6. Chantakkadu Viswan, the legendary hero by mammutty. Great actor. Rajiv kumar' s direction is top grade. Kudos to both of them. Tilakan and sriraman are equally good in performances.

  7. mamooty is a great actor nobody can chase him he is the real hero for Malayalam

  8. mamooty jenma nadana…. samsiamilla

  9. Very average movie. something is missing.

  10. കിടു കിടിലോൽ കിടിലൻ

  11. Film shoot at kozhikode hotel malabar palace, beypure, kozhikode civil station..
    Nice to see those scenes old calicut.

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