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Malayalam full movie Thovalapookal | Dramatic family thriller | Urvashi, jagathy

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This is a Malayalam Full Movie Thovalappookkal (1995). Starring Jagathy Sreekumar ,Thilakan , Kollam Thulasi ,Urvashi , Adoor Bhavani & others.

Movie Synopsis
‘Thovalappookkal’ (1995) is Malayalam dramatic family thriller movie. Directed by Suresh Unnithan. Starring Jagathy Sreekumar ,Thilakan , Kollam Thulasi ,Urvashi , Adoor Bhavani & others. Thovalappookkal is basically a simple movie, which says about the story of traditional clay-pot makers in Kerala. Their cast was addressed as “Melaalans”. Their ancestors were believed to be the makers of the pot which was given to Ram & Seetha. They follows some strict rules and regulations throughout, the very important out of it is, a wife should keep chaste. It’s kept as a strong custom. It’s believed that If any of the wives or virgins broke that custom, the rain gods will show their rage. Since the pots were made in the traditional way, after it’s making with mud, they are put in the smoking fire for a night. But the villain is rain, if rain comes all these efforts will go in vein.So before they start work they perform special rituals and prayers. This also throws light into the ancient tradition and unique culture of India. Being faithful to the partner was performed as an unwritten ritual as well as a responsibility, which added a hard core stone into the equation of families. Which gave rise to a good family, which gave rise to a good society, which eventually gave rise to a better nation with better culture. In short this is the one of the reasons behind India’s great culture. But among it the cast discrimination brought some drop in the bondage.
Like said, this movie “Thovalappookkal” is framed to be happened in a typical Melalan’s family. Periyor is now the head of the Melalans. He is a widower. His 20 year old girl is Chempakam. Even if she is from a lower cast she is a graduate. Now she is doing her post graduation in literature. Sreenivasan who was nick named as ‘Bhoothappandi” is an orphan, he is a mental patient too. He was adopted by Periyor. Now he is a grown up man and an Expert pot maker. He learned all the tactics,rules & lessons about pot making from Periyor. He had a crush towards Chempakam. He often misunderstood her brotherly affection as love. On the other hand Kochu Thampi is a retired military man, who lost his eye sight in his last battle. His wife is Lakshmi, son is Venu.He is from an aristocratic family, his ancestors are of a royal family. But after the accident Thampi & Lakshmi lives separate in two corners of same house. The reason is unknown. Venu is doing his chartered accountancy. He was very frustrated and disappointed about the long width among his parents. Thankayya runs a tea shop. Movie starts with this story frames. Venu is now coming back after the succesfull completion of his C.A. Eventually he met Chempakam, while saving her from Kotta Sadashivam who is a local criminal. Chempakam also loved him. When Sreenivasan came to know about their affair eyes burst into tears. But Thampi couldn’t accept her, he conducted Venu’s marriage with another girl. Chempakam give birth to a child, Periyor passes away. Now Sreekumar takes care of her. But Venu’s married life ended in divorce. Now he is back for his child. Will Chempakam go with him? This is a striking turning point. Watch the movie and reveal the suspense.

Directed by – Suresh Unnithan
Produced by – Thankam movies
Writer – Suresh Unnithan
Starring – Jagathy Sreekumar ,Thilakan , Kollam Thulasi ,Urvashi , Adoor Bhavani & others.

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