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Malayalam full movie Varum Varunnu Vannu | Malayalam comedy movie

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Varum Varunnu Vannu (2003) is a Malyalam Comedy and family Drama movie. Directed by Ramdas. Starring Balachandra Menon ,Narendra Prasad ,Sujith ,Mala Aravindan ,GS Pradeep ,Kochu Preman ,Chandu ,Bharath Gopi ,Indrans ,Nithyadas ,Usharani ,Gowthami ,Kalpana & others. Varum Varunnu Vannu means. Will come, is coming, has came. Saying about the uprooted life of a man, who was driven away by his father long back. Before we head into it, we should know something. First of all in a family strategy the equation of parents and children should be in a balanced state. If any of it’s kind gone wild it will bring problems and issues to the family life.

In some cases it will give birth to criminals. The environment that children grow up in plays a key role as well. If a child is exposed to seeing drug dealers on every corner, it is only a matter of time before they get confronted by one themselves. Once they get hooked on drugs and cannot afford to pay, they start stealing.criminals start their life as unattached children with a genetic predisposition. I agree that this might be a cause of insane thinking but I think nothing is impossible if a child is stopped in his/her earlier years. Children learn a lot by observing and if parents protected their children from coming in contact with violence either being seen or done.

In this movie you may see a similar character named Johnikutty. His father Alexander, was an inhuman beast. He tortured him and his mother a lot. Since it were untolerable he ran away from them. Years passed, one day the identiny took the breath of Alxander. And Johnykutty came back with his Jail mates. This is the intro sequence of the movie. There was many cunning people in his family, all were upset by his return because they wished to take the wealth and belongings of Alexander in shares. But now Johnikuty came back with a bang. Johnikutty now changed a lot, he sets new rules for the house, cut shorted the servants so and so. They had a school, Johny humiliated the teachers.

The music teacher Samyuktha Varma given the resignation and left. Johny wanted her marry as a revenge. But she opposed the proposal. Days passed by Mani, who claimed as the son of Alexander came with his sister and demanded the shares. Since there was no option for Johnykutty he allowed them to stay in the out house. From the middle of the story this new brother takes the lead. In every way Mani came in the walkway of Johnikutty. So he couldn’t control himself. Mani and Johnikutty fight each other for the Election and obviously Johny lost.

His heart started trembling with revenge. On the other hand Johny saved Samyuktha varma from her uncle. This blowed some romantic colour to the movie. Mean while Mani’s sister got a proposal. On the marriage day Johny’s men planned for a bomb blast. Now the movie stretches to climax. What may happen to them? Will Mani and sister perish for Johny’s inhumanity? Find out watch full movie ‘Varum Varunnu Vannu”.


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