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Asthi (1983) is a Malayalam dramatic movie. Directed by Ravi, starring Bharath Gopi ,Rony Vincent ,Ambika S ,KPAC Azeez ,Thilakan ,Sreenivasan ,Krishnankutty Nair ,Vijay Menon ,Rajkumar ,PK Venukkuttan Nair ,Subhashini & others. Asthi basically portrayals about the life of factory employees in chemical industries. More over Asthi discusses two aspects. 1) The exploitation of the labour community by the corporates 2) The negligence of life. Labour exploitation is work obtained from a person under threat that is real or perceived and which the person has not offered themselves voluntarily.

Labour exploitation is also often an element of human trafficking. Human trafficking is the combination of movement or harbouring a person; use of deception or coercion; and placement into situations of exploitation. Any and all forms of exploitation are an international criminal offence. Nowadays exploitation occurs in third world countries and countries that experience economic situations that have resulted in a portion of a worker’s output being confiscated from him/her and used to support a wealthy and parasitic ruling class.

Exploitative labour can be seen in several different forms, including forced labour, where employees take advantages of gaps in legislation to exploit vulnerable workers, bonded labour, also referred to as debt bondage, where a person has to work to pay back an inherited debt and lastly, involuntary domestic servitude, which occurs when a domestic worker becomes ensnared in an exploitative situation from which they are unable to escape. The rice of communism brought brought a control over this exploitation.

In this movie we can see all these, but the story line goes through two phases, but it’s mutually linked. The central Hero K. Rajashekharan who is now currently the the Assistant personal manager of a Chemical factory. But he had a past, in which he tasted all the bitterness of life. Mohan was his best friend, may be the only friend.Both have started their career as base workers in the same factory. But Rajashekharan was a graduate, Mohan encouraged his a lot to fetch the MBA. He helped him a lot, finally Rajashekharan got the MBA, and he got promoted as the manager in the same company. But things changed so fast, the aristocratism of the pulled Rajashekharan down.

He turned him self into a rude person. The pressure and intenscity of the manager’s seat was too hot than that of a worker. But he was very striaght forward in life, so he earned the good certificate of his superiors and company M.D. Even to the sick people, he behaved so rude, he dissagree to avail them leaves.Rajashekharan was married to Rajalakshmi, a village girl. Both loved each other a lot. Rajashekharan started to think to leave his job and his present life and to go on a “Mysterious Life search” , some thing like ‘Budha’ did. At this point we may be confused with the thought of “How Idiotic”. On the other hand Kumaran Nair who was an Asthma patient had died, even if he asked for Rajashekharan’s favour he didn;’t mind him.

All labourers started to curse him. Mohan is a unique idol of good friendship, even if his close friend is the manager, he never sends any recommendations. Mean while Krishnamurthi takes charge as the assistant to Rajashekharan. The labourers went on strike with demands, the management assigned Rajashekharan to discuss with. But he went on leave. Movie gears upto climax. The crisis in the Company gets more pathetic, blood shed and mobs started to move on. What will be life path of Rajashekharan? Will he can solve the issues? Or Will he go to search for his destiny? Findout, watch movie.

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