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P C 369 | Malayalam Full movie | Malayalam Comedy movie | Suresh gopi | Mukesh comedy movie

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This is a Malayalam Full Movie P.C 369 (1987) Starring Mukesh ,Saritha ,Suresh Gopi ,Maniyanpilla Raju ,TG Ravi ,Vijayaraghavan ,Rohini ,Shanthakumari and others

Movie Synopsis
P.C 369 (1987) is a Malayalam comedy movie. Directed by P Chandrakumar. starring Mukesh ,Saritha ,Suresh Gopi ,Maniyanpilla Raju ,TG Ravi ,Vijayaraghavan ,Rohini ,Shanthakumari and others. It’s a comedy blend of 1980’s. Which says about the funny moments of two Men, who are haunted by the destiny. Life is full of surprises and twists. What we planned may never come to us. But what is beyond our vision and plans always comes to us. The real success lies one how we utilize it. Many people cry and crouch saying that they have no opportunities. Their life is full of sacrifices. they fed up with life so and so. But the person who know to change his problems into strings of success always fetch the height of life. We may cry in front of life or face it. Most people
comes in the first part. Some in the second. We have to take care of another side too. In some situations such circumstances make people criminals. The situations lead to the problems and eventually the problems lead to crimes. Yes, we have to face our challenges, but it’s not advised to go for a crime. The pool of crime is large,and it’s sides are slippery. If ones we fell into it. We skip out. It’s a trap. Movie also has this message. Here we have an example of the same in a more explained way.The unlucky life of two bachelors and their where abouts are framed here.
P.C 369, Police Constable no: 369, is a code name of Police men in constable rank.Damodaran Pilla who is an innocent police constable frequently gets transfer and suspension for his straight forward attitude. He is roaming around the state for this strange charactor. His code number is PC 369. Mean while John varghese who is a post graduate is on the other hand. He is searching for a job matching his profile. meanwhile his brother Job is a thief and font off with stealing cars. Their parents were dead long ago, and they born as orphans. Job turned into crimes for the sake of his brother.But he never want him to join in crimes. So he persuaded a good life to pay back his brother. Movie starts with the intro of Damodaran Pilla, he now came to a new village with his new transfer order. S.I Sudhakaran was in charge. He gave the initial advices. Damodaran says about his mis fortune and his unlucky life. He went to take down John, who get up into a huge tree with a suicide threat. They scrolled him down and he escaped in Job’s car. Damodaran caught a liquor dealer but he tactically framed him as the culprit and brought ot Police Station, Damodran go the punishment transfer and he left.On the way he met with Job and joined with him, the bags which he trough out dramatically got into the hands of John.John think it as his chance, and leaves to the said Police station. He takes charge as PC 369. All the following incidents are coloured in humour. S.I Kuruppu is a funny guy and he is off with his daily farming. Eventually John fell in love with Elsa who was the female constable in the police station. On the other hand Damodaran pilla and Sudha also fell in love. But both love stories were built in lies. Gopikuttan who is a local handsome thief comes and goes in the story. One day Kurup takes him to custody for loving his daughter Vilasini. We wants Damodaran (John) to marry her. Mean while Damodaran Pilla also comes to the scene after his escape form Job. The twists and twigs keep the story till climax very funny and interesting. Experience it, see the full movie.

Directed by – P Chandrakumar
Produced by – Meriland movies
Writer – PM Thaj
Starring – Mukesh ,Saritha ,Suresh Gopi ,Maniyanpilla Raju ,TG Ravi ,Vijayaraghavan ,Rohini ,Shanthakumari and others

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