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Paarassaala Paatchan Payyannoor Paramu | Full Malayalam Movie | Rajan P.Dev, Janardanan

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This is Humourous Movie with lots of funny sequences. This movie is about the life of two thieves Preman & Dharman.Preman was a born thief. He have done many thefts from his child hood.Dharman became a thief due to the circumstances. Any how they are close friends.
The Movie starts with Dharman’s Bus journey to join with Preman. Then goes to a flash back In the next scene you may see a gunda treatening a Family man and taking money. On the way he sees Preman gets stabbed by a thirf and running with his money he seized the thief and give the money back.Dharman appears suddenly as a Doctor and says he will take care of the post man.Paramu requesting the gunda to take the mone and to give in an adress. Doctor takes the money and pretends how to hide in pocket. Cleverly he gives a cover without money. The Gunda goes with money and he feels happy to make foolish two people and taking money, but he finally finds out he is the real fool. The next scene up with Paramu disguise as a Police Inspector and goes with disguised Dharman to open a bank account. The bank manager gives the account with cheque book. They open a Gold Loan office and tellls to people they will give money at very low intrest.Parama gives the guarantee, they take Gold and give the cheque.Finally when all people went to bank they finds they are bein0g fooled. Janardanan disguises as a Muslim Woman to catch these two but he get mis understood by people and he grts smashed. Paramu and Dharman goes to sell the Gold to Cinema People. But they cant. Then they go to chennai for new milking fields. Dharman goes to a Jewellary with diamonds and tells its very precious JD 30. The Gold shop owner don’y get convinced first. After that Paramu goes as a Billionare and demands the JD 30. This time he believes it and buys the Diamond. But he finds that he get fooled.
The next scene is Paramu betraying Dharman in a hotel room. He ran with all money and gold. Dharman gets toatal dissapointed. Paramu goes to a Hotel and takes a room. And gets closer to it’s owner. He convince him that he is a Billionare and helike charity. Paramu gets an Fake affair with his handicaped daughter. Fianlly he managed to get some rupee from him in a tactical way and tries to escape.But on the way Dharman caught him, and hurted Paramu.Dharman goes with all money to a resort and there he gets close to a father and a daughter , he said he is suffering from cancer. Paramu assures to protect his daughter. They claim both are billionares. AT night she comes to Paramu’s room and takes all his wealth. The next morning he realises he get fooled first time. The next video scene goes to Paramu & Dharman’s meet in resort they feel sorry each other. Finaly they decided to steel a car and stop all thefts.But Dharman gets caught, still he dn’t tell about paramu. Finaly the scene goes to Dharman’s bus trip he gets to paramu’s home and he finds Paramu married a handicaped girl and living goos. Both decides to live together a very happy and prosperous life.


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