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Dombivli Fast (2005) – (डोंबिवली फास्ट ) – Sandeep Kulkarni – Shilpa Yulaskar – Sandesh Jhadav

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Madhav Apte is a common man with strong principles. He fights with people around when he sees injustice and corruption. He is pushed to a corner by everybody who finds his policies difficult to handle and one day he snaps. He goes on a rampage trying to do right, everything that goes against his principal and ultimately ending in a tragic climax. “” .

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  1. निशिकांत कामत यांनी खरोखर आपटे नावाचा माणूस दाखवला. ‘ऑफिसर; आयुष्य गेलंय इथं चौथ्या सिटवर बसून… जरा खिडकीवर बसू?…’ आणि अश्रू अनावर झाले.

  2. One of the nice movie seen. From living a normal routine life to get into action with pure intentions to clear out the dirt in social life, the man Madhav Apte made his point very clear.
    Great film by Nishikant Kamat! Kudos!!

  3. जबरदस्त पिक्चर……awsm …….international quality…….

  4. Great movie ! Sandeep Kulkarni undoubtedly is one of the most talented actors in Marathi Industry!

  5. im from karnataka and i loved this of the best movie in marathi…middle class man story…

  6. Great cinema but we are silently passing the message that if you are raising voice against the system there are chances you may get killed. I get the message the movie wants to convey but killing him you are killing the meek voice that could have raised after watching the movie. In the end you could have shown Apte spending some 5-6 years in jail or whatever punishment court would have deemed justified and then later he could have started an NGO or School (to imbibe values in upcoming generations) or some form of organised protest against the evils of the society.

    Anyways, I loved the acting of the protagonist and the police inspector. Kudos 🙂

  7. I love the tamil remake version of this movie. Evano Oruvan. Awesome movie.

  8. thanks there was no one like this aparichit man otherwise how will I continue my illegal business of middleman between farmers and consumer.

  9. i get tears in my eyes…so nice concept…

  10. the last 5mins of the movie and the monologues and Raag in background with closing frame was one of the most epic frames I've ever seen

  11. Nice movie, powerful acting. And it's about my Dombivili

  12. I love it because Dombivali is my hometown

  13. Am I the only one who got a problem? At certain point it really gets stuck and keeps loading, is there any way to fix this?

  14. watching after a long time…..but still this is the most amazing movie….feel like crying

  15. Very nice movie but the end of this movie is not good
    it's really social awareness spread movie and for marathi people do not bear any kind of corruption

  16. हा चित्रपट ज्योल शूमाकरच्या फोलिंग डाऊन (१९९३) या चित्रपटावरुन घेतला आहे दोन्ही चित्रपट खूप चांगले आहेत त्यात अेंग्री व्हाईट मेन म्हणजे सामान्य अमेरिकन माणसाला सोसाव्या लागणाऱ्या हालअपेष्टा दाखवल्यात यात सामान्य मराठी माणसाला होणाऱ्या अपेष्टा दाखवल्या आहेत

  17. आतापर्यंत "आपटे " नावाचा गुन्हेगार पहिला आहे का कधी ?
    so true

  18. guys I love quality cenema was finding some in Hollywood and korian but apart from only few in Bollywood,here at Marathi too ,please suggest more quality regional cenema ,from Marathi Tamil Telugu assami Bengali malayali etc,,

  19. Insensitive police officers wife ! Asking a medal for killing an unarmed innocent person who fought for basic justice in this corrupted society ! Sad demise …

  20. very touching! though this is a bitter truth, plz show some positive outcome too in your next movie…. There should be some hope for the common man…

  21. माधवची काही चूक होती का? ??
    खरच जगणं अवघड,हलाखीचं केलय शासन व शासकीय यंत्रणा इत्यादी समाज कंटकांनी.
    Doctors ही काही कमी नाहीत ओ.

    असो हे सर्व असच चालणार……….!

  22. I have seen this film so many times… but every time it gives me new lesson.. new feeling.. new experience.. I can relate myself so much with MADHAV AAPTE… that I cannot explain it further…

    I was crying like a small child.. may be 25th time.. after watching climax.. & listening to last song by "Aarti ankalikar tikekar"…

    "Excellent".. is the only word I can associate with Nishikant.. HATS OFF…

  23. आयुष्य गेल चौथ्या सीट वर , जरा खिडकी जवळ बसू (अन टचकन डोळ्यात पाणी आलं) great Nishikant kamat

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