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New Punjabi Movies 2017 – 22G Tussi Ghaint Ho – Bhagwant Maan – Lokdhun – Popular Punjabi Film 2017

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22G Tussi Ghaint Ho Synopsis
A small town milk-vendor Boota Singh (Bhagwant Mann) is forced into contesting elections, by his younger brother (Rupan), as he is in love with the daughter of existing MLA (Tej Sapru), to match their family status. The life of this poor milk vendor goes haywire the day he files the nomination

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  1. Oye kise bandy diyo putro Rabb nu te ache lafzan vich Yaad kariya karo
    Movie dy State vich Raandi ne Ki Bakwas kita

  2. sali 50 rupiye rishwat 15 mint di 😂😂

  3. rupan att a gardas mann kethe aahhh

  4. The only reason this is so bad is because all of it was dubbed over

  5. when u upload SARVANN and SADY CM SAAB in HD ?

  6. What was this?

    What was the point of the media man? If all his scenes were deleted what difference would it have made to the film?
    Wasn't the entire point of running in the elections, the girl? So what the fuck happened there? Did they get married? Did they end up together?
    If JusRegin wasn't in the movie, would it have made any difference?

    This crap is beyond a joke. Its a total piss take of Punjabi Movie industry. No wonder our younger generation are not bothering with such shit.

  7. I don't even speak Punjabi I'm watching this only because of Jasmeet! 😩😩

  8. That aunty she can't hear about votes but she hear that he call her old

  9. sikh characters are always shown fools and stupid jokes are made on them but the reality is that Sikhs are the real heroes of country.everyone can know by having a look on history and present.sikh community is most self-respected community.their total population in country is only 1.45% of the total population but they pay highest amount of tax that is 45% of the can never see a Sardar begging on the roads as they have so much don't show Sikhs in wrong way,show the reality to the society.

  10. Pls upload Police in Pollywood Movie of Bhagwant Mann.

  11. Me to I watched this movie because jus region is in it

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