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Aaaah (2014) Latest Tamil Horror Movie – Bobby Simha, Gokulnath

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Watch Aaah / Aah (ஆஆஹ் ) (2014) First Tamil Horror Anthology Movie

Cast & Crew
Starring – Bobby Simha, Gokulnath, Meghna, Bobby Simha, Bala Saravanan
Directed by Hari Shankar, Hareesh Narayan
Produced by V. Loganathan, V. Janarthanan, Srinivas Loganathan
Music by K. Venkat Prabhu Shankar, Sam C. S.
Cinematography G. Sathish
Edited by Hari Shankar
Production company KTVR Creative Frames, Shankar Bros

Plot –
Three friends (Gokul, Meghna and Bala) meeting at their reunion are being drawn into a bet to prove the presence of ghosts by a rich schoolmate, Prosper (Bobby Simha) This leads them to a journey to five different places around the world suspected to be haunted. Namely events which had unfolded in Japan, Dubai, the mid-sea of the Bay of Bengal, a highway in Andhra Pradesh and a remote ATM booth in Tamil Nadu. They fail to capture ghosts in camera in all the cases. Now they were worried that they would lose 60 crore prize amount and Prosper would win. Meanwhile they learn about a video footage in which a ghost is sighted killing the ATM watchmen. The video footage is in a pen drive owned by the owner of the security company (Bosskey) in which the ATM security guard was employed. When he comes to know the huge reward money for a video footage proving existence of ghosts he demands Rs 50 lakhs for the pen drive. Meghna approaches Prosper to get Rs 50 lakhs. Instead Prosper tries to take advantage of the situation and behaves indecently with her. Meghna gets annoyed and returns home and narrates the incident to Gokul and Bala. That night Meghna gets a call from her lover (Ajay) and with shock and fear she utters one word….. accident!!!!. Three of them visit the place and find Ajay dying. Before dying he narrates the incident and records in his camera. Ajay and his friends while traveling in a car watch a movie from a CD which they had picked up from a vendor who states that it is an unreleased movie. As they watch the movie the same incidents starts happening to them as shown in the movie. Soon after all of them are killed and Ajay was able to burry the CD. The CD was found but before they could get hold of it all three of them are killed by the ghost. Prosper after winning the bet reclaims and rejoices his prize, a Yamaha RX100. After hearing the door bell ring Prosper opens the door to be killed by a ghost.


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  1. M S Bhaskar's portion – ultimate !!!

  2. Hope to see who the devil is in part 2….simply killing everyone for no reason is ridiculous…movie is good

  3. the most stupid movie I ever watched!!!

  4. Wait, is that "don't smoke, don't drink" warning in the source film? How fucking terrible.

  5. what is the name of this movie in telugu?

  6. It's so pity that they can't find a good looking hero for a leading role. how fucked up that could be for a nice movie

  7. Common guys the actors are not good but the concept is excellent

  8. exellent movie..smthing new concept rather thn old typical ghost tat alwas takes revenge on its death n has flashbck…thz is kinda reality..becoz ghost attact any1..

  9. Ends arampathila camerava pottu epidichuthura different panromnu nenapa mokka mokka padam 2 hrs waste

  10. Is it this movie horror? Because i'm not yet watch it

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