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Kandaen (கண்டேன்) Tamil Full Movie – Shanthnoo ,Rashmi, Santhanam

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Kandean 2010 Tamil Full Length Film – Shanthnoo Bhagyaraj,
Rashmi Gautam

Cast & Crew –
Directed by A. C. Mugil
Produced by TCS
Written by A. C. Mugil
Starring Shanthnoo Bhagyaraj, Rashmi Gautam, Santhanam
Music by Vijay Ebenezer
Cinematography Prashanth D’Misale
Production company Sri Sivaselvanayakiamman Movies

Synopsis –
Vasanth (Shanthanu) is a computer engineer, who works in a software firm in Chennai. He wants to marry a girl of his choice. However in his village his grandfather (Vijayakumar) is a Nattamai, who wants him to marry his relative. Shanthanu in a bid to stop the wedding says that he is in love with a girl. Now his grandfather sets a deadline – bring his beloved with her parents’ permission in just 30 days. Shanthanu comes to Chennai and bumps on Narmadha (Reshmi). It’s love at first sight. He acts as a blind man and wins over her sympathy. Eventually it develops ionto romance. Narmadha’s father (Ashish Vidyarthy) is a police officer who is against the wedding. All hell breaks loose when Narmadha comes to know that Vasanth’s is not blind. Now a desperate Vasanth with the help of his friend Saami (Santhanam) goes all means to prove his true love for Narmadha. When everything falls in place and Narmadha forgives Vasanth and gets ready to marry him, he loses vision in a freak mishap. How the couple is bailed out of the trouble is the climax.


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