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Seedan Full Tamil Movie | Dhanush

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Mahalakshmi (Ananya) is a servant at the residence of the elderly Amritavalli (Sheela). Everyone is really fond of her and treat her as one of the family, not a servant. However she finds herself doing all the work in the house. She is also a great devotee of the magnificent lord Murugan. Residing in Palani, she is unable to attend the temple. In a dream she finds hersef at her wedding with an unknown man. The next day that man comes to the house. He is none other than Amritavalli’s own grandson Mano (Krishna). He falls head over heels in love with maha. Maha though hesitant at first finds herself in love with him as well. Mano constantly assures her that his mother will arrange marriage. However as fate has it mano is afraid to admit to his mother thangam (Suhasini) that he is in love. This encourages thangam to fix his marriage with her childhood friends daughter. However when thangam comes to know of the love affair she is helpless and all she is able to do is encourage the lovebirds to forget each other. Soon everyone ( excpet amritavalli, thangam and mano) treat Maha in a rude way… as a servant not a family member. Mahalakshmi, angry claims to Lord Murugan that she will not face ever again. Enters Saravanan (Dhanush). Dhanush enters as the cook appointed by Madhave Gounder (Ilavarasu). Everyone finds his cooking awesome. However Mahalakshmi disapproves as cooking was her only peaceful hobby in the house after she fell in Love. Saravannan is told to stay in the guest house where Gumbidiswamy (vivek) is staying. Gumbidiswamy is a fraud and is now trying to pass as a presit in strong believe of god. For this reason he has stayed at their house. It didn’t take Saravannan long to realize that Gumbidiswamy is a fraud and he used this to blackmail him. Having this control over Gumbidiswamy, Saravanna tells him to tell everyone that according to background and religious research, Mano and his fiancee are not suitable for each other. After doing many things such as this, Saravannan is able to get Maha and Mano together. thangam and Amritavalli agree to let Mano marry Maha. Maha and Mano (on the day of their wedding) search for Saravannan to thank him for his help.Instead of Saravanna, another person comes and says he is the only Saravannan around the area. Disappointed, Maha goes to Murugan’s Altar to pray… and there she see’s Saravannan. He soon fades away. At that point, Maha understood that Saravannan was Murugan in Human form – in the Hindu religion it is believed that god may come down to earth in a human form to help those in need. For More Movies and Songs, don’t forget to Subscribe to us on
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  1. Excellent Movie, what faith results in.

  2. Whoever compares this movie with Malayalam movie is actually comparing lord krishna to Muruga. The good movies are copied so that the good message reaches to wider audience across different state. If you don't want to watch it then please stay away.

  3. what a copy from Malayalam movie, this is a Malayalam movie – Nandanam!

  4. Is there anywhere I can get this movie with english subtitles? could the person who uploaded please enable captions. Really want to watch this movie but i cant understand the langauge!

  5. Very nice movie. melodious songs and crisp,educative dialogue. Different from current day films.

  6. Watch the original film `NANDANAM`, it is better than this film.

  7. Ok tamil guys… Kerala will give you 'Mullaperiyaar water'… ;P
    Damn idiots always doing this.
    Please learn to watch other language films with its original make…
    Remaking is 'Frogs in dirty well' attitude.

  8. This a way better than nandanam Tamil vers way better

  9. Peacock feather scene … One of the best scene in the movie

  10. Great movie, especially after Dhanush entry, luv the ending and the way dhanush delivered his dialogues

  11. Tamil version is Awesome than malayalam…

  12. Nice song by KS . CHITRA… Oru naal mattum sirikka

  13. Malayalam version is excellent,in Tamil I don't feel the dialogue and the sentiments are good .

  14. nandhanam malayalam version way better than this film. noone knows to act normally.we cn feel they r acting but in malayalam version its so natural

  15. எத்தனையோ. நாட்கள். எதிர். பார்த்தா. .சீடன். .படம். .இன்று. .பார்த்தேன். .சந்தோசம்.

  16. This is a carbon copy of NANDANAM a malayalam movie .. which released in 2002 and this was released in 2011 so it's not more appreciatable ….. but also they also have been done a good job 👏🏻…. any way NANDANAM in malayalam is so beautiful than this and this film got many many awards and all …… some dialogs from this film were famous N even most of them seen this … ❤️

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