Friday , April 23 2021
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Amrutha Telugu Full Length Movie || Madhvan, Simran , J.D.Chakravarthy, Nandita Das

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  1. Heart to heart, that's beautifully😘 tough😯

  2. a Mani ratnam film.
    I am really fan him.
    I only like directors like Mani ratnam, trivikram,sekhar kamula

  3. Maniratnam movies, heroes are always a bit arrogant

  4. nijam ga excelent…
    climax hrt ni pindesindi…

  5. When there are cultural indifferences among masses, its normal for one of them to think that they are oppressed by the other. This single fact has created bloodshed in many parts of the world. I think LTTE was just another political outfit which exploited people's sentiment in creating a hostile environment over the Island. Although India tried hard to keep the peace over the Island, it was already late. Let's hope that Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka will be living side by side in harmony from now.

  6. Great movie and we are missing this direction from Mani Ratnam sir

  7. superrrr movie
    mani rathanam sirr
    i m still waiting for this type of movies

  8. Today, Srilankan Tamilians are welcomed in all the developed countries like France, UK, Swiss…etc with full work permit and citizenship….The Oppressed shall be blessed.

  9. manirathnam sir you greate when i watching movie i have tears from begining to ending no words

  10. Great Movie, Climax is too emotional Love and Affection between Mother and Daughter.

  11. combo of Maniratnam sir, Madhavn,A R Rahman is heavenly blissfull!!!!

  12. వేటూరి గారి రచనలు arrachakam asalu first half lo…
    Maniratnam master of taking i strongly suggest one should'nt miss the evergreen masterpiece Iruvar/Iddaru epic /

  13. please be watch with a fullbottle of alchohol ,then day remember after u became a DAD in future memories…. that much of awesome movie thans to maniratnam ji gaaru….

  14. something which can move any heart…

  15. Great Moovie. Long Live Tamil & Telugu Nationalism

  16. Greatness of this movie lies in its simplicity. Mani Ratnam generally has a tendency to create unreal and pompous overblown characters in his movies, but here every person seems real and their interactions are touching and sincere. This is the reason why this ranks as one of his best movies.

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