Wednesday , April 21 2021
Home # Movies # Telugu Movie # Gundamma Katha Telugu Full Length Movie || గుండమ్మ కథ సినిమా || SVR, NTR, ANR, Savitri ,Jamuna

Gundamma Katha Telugu Full Length Movie || గుండమ్మ కథ సినిమా || SVR, NTR, ANR, Savitri ,Jamuna

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  1. this movie is mile stone of millinium telugu film history.

  2. its a wonderful film wow……NTR,,ANR and also a suryakantham garu

  3. అద్భుతం అతి అద్భుతం !!! ప్రతి ఒక్కరు చూడ దగినది 


  5. A precious stone in the history of telugu cinema that can never be replaced by any other movie…. Loved watching all the legendary actors together onscreen…

  6. This is one of the ultimate classics, with great comic sense and acting abilities. All time evergreen Entertainer.

  7. Diamonds of telegu movie industry making a Diamond movie

  8. i am trying to make a comment but iam fail because there is no words at me

  9. how can some one dislike this masterpiece ….. brilliant movie.. classic

  10. wat a movie……2:29:00 wat a performence by NTR umaaaaahhhhh…

  11. NTR's charm, ANR's free style, Flamboyance of Suryakantham, simple and subtle expressions of Savithri are the ingredients of this Masterpiece.

  12. OK Now we need to start the Ranking- If I am not wrong we should rank the movies now, this picture to be at pinnacle at Number 1, ( The reason why it should be number 1- the best actors and actresses and specially Mrs. Suryakantham ( A Great Actress of her time) and the whole Vijaya's (the Dancer) talent.

    So let us start the count and this movie has got everything that is Indian and Andhraites will love and like, we need to start some where.

  13. Nice movie comedy also NTR ANR is awesome

  14. even animals won't watch…what is this piece of shit? what is this shit language? cave dwelling vermin movie,,,yuck…

  15. No movie can beat this movie .. such a classic , romantic, comedy and what not … wonderful and evergreen movie forever….

  16. awesome acting of savitri, ntr, anr, jamuna, suryakantham garu… awesome eyes of sarvitri garu… lvlyy

  17. I have never liked b/w movies. but there is something feel good about this movie. so nice to watch it even in 2017.

  18. Fantastic family entertainer.. Forever. Telugu people we are always lucky…..

  19. intha goppa chithraanni andhinchina, natinchina vaariki na sashtanga namaskaraalu… aadhyantham rakthi kattinchaaru… andhukey veellani maha natulu annaremo bahusa …. feeling very happy after watching this movie..

  20. ఆణిముత్యం…………

  21. Very very wonderful movie thank you

  22. evaro pani kattukoni dislikes kottaru

  23. what a movie…i don't know how i missed this beautiful movie upto now

  24. Real Good Movie… Nobody can replace the golden God's..

  25. Awesome movie…. great actors, great story about family relationships … we never get it again such a great movie,music……… Thanks for upload/…………….

  26. rey chetta vedavallra dislikes ela kottalani anipistundi ra

  27. EVER GREEN CLASSIC.. Full length comedy entertainer..

  28. Classic one…..RIP for those who dislike this movie…..

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