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Rudraveena Telugu Full Movie || Chiranjeevi, Gemini Ganesan, Shobana || K Balachander || Ilayaraja

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Watch Rudraveena Full Movie. Starring Chiranjeevi, Gemini Ganesan, Shobana, Kaikala Satyanarayana, Sumitra, Ramesh Arvind, Prasad Babu, Brahmanandam, P. L. Narayana, Devi Lalita. Directed by K. Balachander and Produced by Nagendra Babu, Music by Ilaiyaraaja

Suryam born in an orthodox Brahmin family, his father Bilahari Ganapathi Sastry is a very strict person and a music guru to Suryam. The only problem Suryam has is that, he cannot tolerate injustice or suffering around him. He gets differences in this regard with his father because- Ganapathi Sastry is somebody who strictly believes Art is divine form and nothing should enter mind while performing it. where Suryam sings the song in lighter vein by changing the notes of a carnatic raagam Hamsadhwani- suiting the likes of common workers. Things take a serious turn when Suryam loves Lalitha a classical dancer of Harijan origin. The situations come in such a way that Suryam questions his father’s way of life and says he would want to transform the sufferings of the village. The father son rift increases. whether Suryam would succeed in transforming the village and gaining his father’s appreciation is the rest of the film.

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  1. gemini Ganesan mahanati Savitri gari husband. he is a cheater.

  2. Saw it first time here after knowing all the awards it has got…I usually tell my friends there are no directors in our telugu industry who can give a feeling of watching a good film and a meaningful film with some message (except one or two like KRISH ) ,so,i prefer them telling other language films to add to their must watch list but now i understand that there were best directors like K.VISWANATH and BALACHANDAR garu who had proved that message and commercial are not exclusive. I hope our new directors learn this and stop that useless , pure commercial , action comedy movies with the same stories. I don't say every movie should give a message but AT LEAST A NEW STORY IS NEEDED.what do u say GUYS…….(when steve spielberg was asked to say a word about tollywood he told I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY MAKE FILMS WITH THE SAME OLD STORIES AGAIN AND AGAIN)
    మన తెలుగు కథ‌‌‌‌కులకు ఈ ప్రేక్షకుల ఘోష అర్దమవుతుందని అనుకుంటున్నాను ???

  3. excellent story and megastar acting super.

  4. assum Movie
    Evarything Superb
    Chiru Always Megastar
    story touches hearts 👌👌👌

  5. I love this movie really I respect chiranjeevi sir and balachandran sir

  6. movie of the century …i love the concept of this movie, chiru and shobhana are looking nice in this movie

  7. He is great actor, one of legend of the film industry

  8. This is one among the few kind of movies which help to showcase our heritage and values to the future generations.. my humble request to the tv channels.. instead of repeatedly telecasting the same masala commercial entertainers again and again, please telecast these kind of movies which portray our Indian Music and traditions in high regard

  9. wonderful movie thanks to k.balachandran sir

  10. Gemini ganesan is a great actor but worst in personal character

  11. Hat's off to Balanchandar Sir n MegaStar

    Thank you so much for Giving this classic

  12. This movie flop in telugu, Tamil version is huge Hit in Tamilnadu.

  13. #మంచి మనిషి,లో…గుర్తిస్తే…
    #ధర్మాన్ని కపడినట్టే…!

  14. No wards to tell but at very high pitching moment chiru and nagababu did a great movie lifetime achievement

  15. Few dialogues are missing like @58:40 and others. I hope they are controversies regarding caste. But let the people know how the situations in India is until 1990's. & Let the people know what the director is saying.
    . Please suggest me where do I find full version.

  16. Excellent movie n suitable climax. Awesome action by chiru, especially Gemini Ganesan acting superb specially in climax scene.🙏🏻

  17. Hi chiru every Green movie and once remake this movie

  18. tqs to balchander sir…..chiranjeevi garu….ganesh pathro garu….shobhana garu….Geminis ganeshan garu….n to ilayaraja sir……for making dis classic n lovable movie….
    very much

  19. movie of the decade. hats off chivanjeevi garu. mi movies lo rudhraveena, punadi rallu chaalu meerento telsukotaniki. present days lo ilanti movies teese vare leru. anni commercial films. Samaajam emina parledu, manaki kavalsindi dabbulu ani drugs, prostitution lantivi base chesi movies teestunnaru. mi coomercial stamina meeku telsi kuda ilanti movie ni oppukoni, meere samarpinchatam chaala great sir.

  20. Another celluloid in Indian cinema by the greatest director of India. And great memorable movie in Chiru career. Ee film kuda dislike Chesina vaallu no doubt grahaantharavasulu.. May God bless them

  21. really one of the best and good movie. you are grt megastar garu.

  22. Indian heritage movie chiru superrrtb

  23. great film, thanks to balachandar and chiru.

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