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Sivaputrudu Telugu Full Movie || Vikram, Surya, Sangeeta, Laila || Bala || layaraja

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Watch Sivaputrudu Full Movie Starring Vikram, Surya, Sangeeta, Laila, Rama Raju, Kanuras, Manobala, Simran, Directed by Bala, Produced by Maha Ganapathy Films and Music Composed by layaraja.

Plot :

Siddardha (Vikram) takes birth in a crematorium and is raised by the crematorium’s undertaker. He does not know anybody in the village and he was never been out of crematorium earlier. He visits village in search of food. The village people detest his presence and try to stone him away from the village. Kamala (Sangeeta) a ganja seller by trade rescues him and requests a mafia leader Rayudu (Ramaraju) to recruit Siddardha. Siddardha works for Rayudu in his ganja farms. One fine day, police nab Siddardha on the charges of peddling ganja from jungles to village.

Satya (Surya) is a village smart trickster who is put in jail for his misdeeds. Siddardha and Satya become close to each other in the jail. Satya gets released and then arranges a bail for Siddardha. Satya, Siddardha and Kamala start living together along with their friends.

Rayudu asks Siddardha to cremate a dead body and Siddardha does it. The interrogation by police leads the suspicion towards Siddardha. Satya then reveals the details of ganja trade of Rayudu. Rayudu kills Satya in an act of retaliation. The rest of the film is all about how Siddardha takes revenge on Rayudu.

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  1. awesome acting together n sangeeta laila

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  3. Which movie was played in the theatre in this movie?

  4. No words to say ##heart touching ##friendship##

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  11. if i want to make a movie with multi star movie
    one is vikram from tamil
    who is another from telugu….?
    any one…

  12. Vikram acting Awesome… proud to be a indian actor…

  13. bala sir hatsoff to u great movie ….vikar sir Surya sir acting wonder …

  14. Vikram sir what a fabulous acting…. mind blowing…

  15. no wrds to say about baLa sir n tamiL ActoRs fabulous acting vikram n suriya amazing n heart touching movie so nice..

  16. nice movie
    genius movie unte upload cheyandi

  17. wonderful movie ever, great acting by Vikram + Surya + Sangeeta + Laila = directed by Bala.

  18. My favourite vikram moment.. 37.01-37.05.. just awesome..

  19. one of the finest movie i ever seen. Vikram and Shurya is awesome. why not you people release movie allover India and other nation after dub it in different language. like Hindi, english.

  20. Nice movie,vikram acting super,surya entertainment

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  22. No words for vikram sir's acting….simply fabulous..!!

  23. I heartfully thanks to each and every one of cast and crew.
    No one can beat vikram acting in world wide.

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