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Varudu Telugu Full Movie || Allu Arjun, Bhanusri Mehra, Arya || Guna Sekhar || Mani Sharma

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Watch Varudu Full Movie, starring Allu Arjun, Bhanusri Mehra, Arya, Suhasini, Asish Vidyardhi among others. Directed by Guna Sekhar and produced by DVV Danayya. Music composed by Mani Sharma.


Sandeep (Allu Arjun) is a youngster with modern qualities and a broad outlook. He is extremely suave in his looks, but strongly
traditional and moralistic at heart. He asks his parents to search a bride for him. Sandeep believes in the choice of his parents and he tells them that he would see his bride only at the time of muhurat (time of jeelakarra bellam ritual according to Telugu weddings). He also wants to have a traditional 5-day wedding which was followed by Telugu people a century ago. He falls in love with the bride Deepti (Bhanusri Mehra) at the first sight, but she gets kidnapped by Diwakar (Arya) just before tying the knot. The rest of the story is about the reason behind the kidnap and how Sandeep got his love back.

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  1. I love ths movie. Allu really played his part of a skeptic to a believer so well though skeptic is the wrong word. He knew what love should be and his character was not settling for anything less. But in a way so that if he chose wrong he got the 2 people who knew him the best to find someone for him relying on traditions and trust that mum and dad know best and he would sand by whatever decision was made.. Allu played the kid in the candy store to a t showing he respected the old ways but also believed in the power of love. The writer has you thinking it was going to be just a movie about a traditional weddng and the magic of love at first sight of which I love the grandfather's explanation how it happens during the ceremony making yo believe that all they do whch is strange to many has a purpose for a happy marriage and that love will come if not at first sight but then the writer changes the course of the movie showing tht there is always obstacles to overcome if you really love someone even if you just fell in love under the marriage canopy. A lot of metaphors in this movie and respect for their culture and traditions and what people will do for lust mistaking it for love because of their own arrogance. I love how the write put this all together in a way that the power of love will always triumph. I, myself at he first sight of my husband thought to myself" I will may you" I shook it off as he was married and I do t believe in being a lover or breaking up a marriage so walked away and fate came and I have been, wih many trials and tribulations wih the only man I have ever truly loved now for 30 years coming ,celebrating 25 yrs of marriage last year where he proposed to me again at our celebration in front of all our loved ones. I come from a different culture buy believe that there is something to what this movie says for I have lived it. Each day our love grows stronger but it was not built on a lie or breaking up a marriage. He never knew I loved him till after his wife left him for another. He has, as I have, loved no other just as you know that this will be the case of the 2 central characters who did such a good job. I am left with a profound belief that maybe we should study other culture's marriage beliefs with open minds and why they have them an that maybe because I have indian friends who married traditionally love each other to this day. It will not always work out and the writer shows it isn't easy to attain happiness. So true so very true. I would like to see a movie of the pair maybe 5 or 10 yeas later to see just how strong the characters love really is. No one ever shows the happily ever after as It really is. Sorry for commenting so long but I just had to say what I believe and my on experience of love at fist sight believing there was never a hope for it because of my own values and beliefs and my belief is that no matter how it happens true love will always win no matter where you come from and when and if it does come it is worth fighting for but it is not a bed of roses for there is always thorns and hard work to keep your love alive. The writer has shown all this in this movie by using his characters as the metaphors for true love, trust, faith, hurdles and obstacles in the way and to fight for your love and how far would you go for that one true love. You may think I am talking nonsense but in my case I maybe right. Really compare these metaphors and the love story to your own. So many to tell. Are you like these characters? I know our love story was but instead of a man being our villain it was a woman and still continues even nearly 30 yrs later . So I love the moral, the acting the direction and showing a side to Allu and Arya you don't see in other movies. Well done. Close to home for me but at east I know that others through the producing of this movie are not alone either and believe in the sanctity of soul mates. Ejoy the movie too just on its own merits. I did.

  2. please dubbed hindi..please… please

  3. ultimate movie with advanced screenplay
    thanks to all @ Varudu team

  4. nice movie and romance is beauty
    read more

  5. Was that last scene inspired by xmen origins: wolverine?

  6. what the heck did i just watch? This was one of the Allu Arjun's worst movies!!!

  7. bava movie lo choopinchinatlu. okka roju pelli chesukodanike nana patlu paduthunte 5rojula pelli ….5rojulu pedathamante inti nindugaa janame

  8. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👍

  9. Varudu 2 thesthe baguntundhi 16 rojula pellini explain chesthu

  10. super… movie…. really i love this movie….. true love storie…..

  11. My favorite Tamil araya anna is great

  12. wasted 2 hrs for this bundle movie

  13. is move Ko Hindi mah kase download kare

  14. Can somebody arrnged dis movie with english subtitles

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